Our Farm

Located in the Emmett Valley 25 miles northwest of Boise, our 160 acre farm is home to 40 milking cows and a similar number of steers and calves. The farm has been in our family for 70 years.

We purpose to farm in ways that are sustainable agriculturally, environmentally, financially, and emotionally: relying on good farming practices old and new; protecting water, air and soil quality; paying our workers a decent wage and keeping our farm in good order; working together with family and friends.

Our cows enjoy large, open and diverse organic pastures, and rich organic alfalfa hay. All of this feed is free of chemical pesticides, herbicides and commercial fertilizers. Our cows receive natural health care, avoiding antibiotics, stimulants, and artificial hormones. We raise our own cows from new born to full grown. They are never in a feedlot. Our cows are 100% Organic.

Our Thinking

Being thankful to God for the earth, His good creation, we seek to live in ways that protect and nurture the earth while enjoying its beauty and bounty.

This means we purpose to farm in ways that are sound agriculturally, environmentally, financially, and emotionally. We rely on farming practices old and new: attending to water, air and soil quality, paying our workers a decent wage, keeping our farm in good order, working together with family and friends.

We understand that pure and nutritious foods are essential for child development and a healthy life. For our family and yours, we desire foods rich in essential nutrients and graced with natural balance, not genetically modified, not contaminated by toxic chemicals, and not deprived of natural enzymes, minerals and proteins by excessive processing.

Pure and nutritious foods are the fruit of careful attention to the life of the soil, biodiversity, natural husbandry, and simplicity in the farming enterprise; and they benefit us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

As providers for people and as caretakers of the earth, we seek what is best for you and the world we inhabit, and to offer a vision of sustainable agriculture for future generations.

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