We sell our beef by the Half, Quarter, and Eighth. Our price Is $8.50/lb for a half, $8.85/lb for a quarter, $9.50/lb for a 50 pound eighth, and $7.50/lb for ground beef (minimum 50 lbs)
Our beef is processed at Greenfield Custom Meats in Meridian.  Our standard cutting instructions are: steaks 2/pkg 1″ thick, roasts 3-4 lb each, ground beef 2 lb packages, stew meat, meaty soup bones, etc.

A quarter beef will average 100-130 pounds and a half beef will be 200-260 pounds. If you order a half you get to give your own cutting instructions, if you buy a quarter or less we use our standard cutting instructions.

An easy equation to help you think about quantities is:  For a family of 4, if each person eats an average of 1 pound of beef per week for 50 weeks that is 200 pounds!

A great way to take advantage of the lower price is to go in on a larger quantity with  friends or family if you don’t personally eat that much beef.

Beef Availability:
We harvest our beef in  July, September, and October. This gives us the opportunity to finish our cattle during the spring and summer seasons when grasses are most luscious to provide you with the most nutrient-dense beef possible. Call or email now to reserve your beef! Or to see if we have any in cold storage available now!!!

The following purchasing options are offered by Saint John’s. To purchase, please see the Contact Us tab.

Half Beef

 Quantity Cost
Half Beef

(200-260 lbs).


Total cost: $1700-2210, plus tax

Quarter Beef

 Quantity Cost
Quarter Beef

(100-130 lbs).


Total cost: $885-1150, plus tax

Eighth Beef

 Quantity Cost
Eighth Beef

(50 lbs).


Total cost: $475, plus tax

Ground Beef

 Quantity Cost
Ground Beef

(Minimum 50 lbs).


Total cost: $375, plus tax

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