We recommend the following resources:


Nourishing Traditions Sally Fallon
Pasture Perfect Jo Robinson
Reclaiming Our Health John Robbins
Spontaneous Healing Andrew Weil, MD
Healthy Living Rex Russell, MD
Folk Medicine D C Jarvis, MD
The Maker’s Diet Jordan Rubin
Fast Food Nation Eric Schlosser
Seeds of Deception Jeffrey Smith
The Untold Story of Milk Ron Schmid, ND
Hands On Agronomy Kinsey/Walters
Seeds of Change Ken Ausubel
Rodales All New Encyclopedia
of Organic Gardening
Rodale Inst.
Reproduction & Animal Health Walters/Fry
Chicken Tractor Lee/Foreman
Ten Acres Enough Edmund Morris
Five Acres and Independence Maurice G. Kains
Eggs in the Coffee,
Sheep In The Corn
Marjorie Douglas
Holy Cows & Hog Heaven
The Food Buyers Guide to
Farm Friendly Food
Joel Salatin
The Consumers Guide to
Effective Environmental Choices
Fateful Harvest Duff Wilson
Silent Spring Rachel Carson
The End of Nature Bill McKibben
The Gift of Good Land Wendell Berry
The Unsettling of America Wendell Berry
What Are People For? Wendell Berry
Fidelity Wendell Berry
Food & Faith: Justice, Joy
& Daily Bread
Michael Schut
Simpler Living:
Compassionate Life
Michael Schut
Tender Grass-fed Meat Stanley Fishman


Acres USA
Stockman Grass Farmer
Wise Traditions in Food, Farming and the Healing Arts


www.Ams.usda.gov/nop/  (National Organics Program)


National Organic Standards, 2002

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