To Saint John’s Organic Farm

Offering Locally Produced 100% Organic, Completely Grass Fed Beef

Locally Produced – in the Payette River Valley northwest of Boise, our 160 acre farm is home to home to 100 cows, steers, and young stock.  We raise our own cattle from newborn to full grown, ensuring that we know their full life history.

100% Organic – our cattle enjoy large, open and diverse organic pastures, and rich grass hay, as well as free choice minerals, kelp and raw apple cider vinegar. Their feed is Non GMO, and free of chemical pesticides, herbicides and commercial fertilizers; thoroughly vegetarian. They receive no antibiotics, no stimulants, and no artificial hormones.

Completely Grass Fed – true pasture raised and pasture finished cattle such as ours are fed only grass and hay. They are never fed corn or wheat or other grain, and never put in a feedlot.

Environmentally Sound – Grazing our cattle on our permanent pastures is a sustainable, sound environmental practice. We use less fossil fuels, and have significantly less water runoff,  and topsoil loss, than our “industrial counterparts”.

Striking Nutritional Difference – the result of only feeding grass and hay is beef that is higher in Omega 3’s, higher in Vitamin E, higher in conjugated linoleic acids (CLA’s) , lower in fat, and lower in cholesterol than grain fed cattle.

Exceptional Flavor – pasture feeding means our beef is flavorful, tender, and nutritious. Our beef is a healthy source of protein for your family. See for further explanation of the benefits of pasture raised beef.

Enjoyable in Many Ways –  you may enjoy our beef grilled, roasted, in soup with rich bone broth, or slow cooked in a crock-pot. For a healthy protein rich snack try making beef jerky with your choice of herbs and spices.

By Original Design – It’s Organic

Saint John’s Organic Farm

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