Our steers enjoy large, open and diverse organic pastures, and rich alfalfa hay. Their feed is thoroughly vegetarian, and is free of chemical pesticides, herbicides and commercial fertilizers. They receive natural health care, avoiding antibiotics, stimulants, and artificial hormones. We raise our own cattle from new born to full grown.

Pasture raised beef offers exceptional flavor and nourishment. Raised on diverse pasture grass and sunshine, our beef develops flavor as does the home-grown tomato, without the drawbacks of confined feed lots or a grain supplemented diet. Not being subject to toxic chemicals or fertilizers, our beef provides a healthier protein source for your family. See www.EatWild.com for a helpful explanation of the benefits of pasture raised beef.

True pasture raised beef such as ours is fed only grass and hay during the growing years. Our calves drink milk from a nurse cow for their first three months, before going on pasture. They are never fed corn or wheat, never fed grain in the field, and never put in a feedlot. The result is beef that is high in Omega 3’s, high in Vitamin E, high in conjugated linoleic acids CLA’s , lower in fat, and lower in cholesterol than conventional beef. Conventional beef is raised on, or fed at least for their last 90 days, corn, wheat and other grains, and typically in a feedlot . We know exactly the history of our beef since we raise our own cattle at our farm from birth to full grown.

This beef is all grass fed and 100% Organic!

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